hallway rituals

Have you ever thought about the meaning and the roots of the beliefs and superstitions that are (most likely) exist in your country?

Why some of these superstitions are still present and why some of them just have vanished? How these beliefs are implemented in the modern society and life? Are they implemented?

Can the superstitions from one country be 'useful' for another?... 

With this project I was trying to answer these questions and even more. By analysing and systematising all the data I got by interviewing people in Belarus (my home country), I was able to 'make sense of nonsense' and give a modern translation for a bunch of beliefs and superstitions related to the action of leaving home.

from Body to Mind
hallway rituals

A line of objects and actions 'From body to mind' that suppose to prepare you to leave your home consciously. All furniture objects can be adjusted and placed in a different order creating a personal line of leaving home ritual.

At the video bellow you can see my personal route.

Thanks to all participants for inviting me in their homes and sharing their personal stories.

Special thanks to Museum of Belarusian Polesye

with providing historical materials.