Children Development Center

Redesigning a website for Children Development Center 'Razvivayka'
(Gomel, Belarus)

Current webpage of the center. 

Instagram page.

Important note: Due to enormous amount of work, this project is only partially translated from Russian to English.

Project type

UX research, responsive mockups

Figma, Google Docs,  InDesign, MIRO

3 months


Project Background

Project goal

Rethink functionality of the Children Development Center ‘Razvivayka’ and design the web-service, that will be aligned with clients and business goals.


1) Include the possibility to book group classes and make individual appointments to the specialists.

2) Make possible communication between teachers and parents within the website. 

3) Teachers/specialists portal.

4) Rethink website design.

Project process

Project was done following design thinking process:


  • Analysis of the current processes

  • Interviews


  • Persona

  • User journey


  • Brainstorm ideas for the website

  • Paper mockups



  • Wireframes

  • Usability tests

  • Prototypes (lo-fi and hi-fi)

  • Blueprint


Research highlights


During the research were interviewed 5 clients of the center. This user group confirmed initial assumptions about the updates that needed to be done to the initial website (class booking option, communication and notifications), but research also revealed that parents want to have a digital place where they can not only communicate with the center, make/change appointments, but also keep notes from the individual sessions (made by the specialists and the client itself).

Bellow are summarised pain points named by clients:


There is no way to communicate with the center except via phone.


Clients want store information related to the activities in Razvivayka in one place.


Clients want to have a good search filter to book the classes.


Clients want to be notified about Razvivayka events, actions and other important information.

Persona development

A primary user of the service are parents with children, who attend Razvivayka’s classes and/or work with a certain specialist(s).


personas Gym.png

Problem statement

Clara and Dimitry are parents and clients of ‘Razvivayka’ Child Development Center,  

who need a convenient way of communication with the center 

because it will help to keep track of the upcoming classes and don’t miss important events or updates.

Mapping User Journey

First of all were registered main processes of the center that supposed to be represented on the website, as well a short description of all the classes and sessions they have in the center.

The main focus was spend on defining and registering processes for individual specialists (like, psychologists or speech therapists), as unlike group sessions, these meetings are less standardized and have an individual character.

(Due to remote work, most of all the diagrams and tables were done in MIRO)

Customer Journey - Expanded version​

Customer Journey Map.jpg

Customer Journey - Making appointment

user journey Gym.png

Design and Prototyping

Paper wireframes

Next step was to sketch out wireframes for major screens of the website, that could also introduce solution for the user pain points about communication and scheduling appointments.


Here you can see my sketches of the Home page and favourite elements:


Digital wireframes and Prototypes

Main Website pages were created after design iteration process and by synthesizing elements that would help to speed up the processes.

Bellow you can see a digital prototypes for the "Book class" flow:

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 19.13.28.png
Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 19.17.44.png

User tests and design updates

5 participants were asked to run through different scenarios in our prototypeto test main design elements and the flow itself. 

Bellow are some of the insights that lead to the design updates of the desktop and App versions:

1. Add updates and significant event notifications on the landing page

Home m.jpg
HOME c.png
Home mc.png

2. Make the offices pins expandable on the map in the App

Home m.jpg
Home mc.png
Home mc.png

3. Keep only Group/Individual class buttons in the App

Include 'hide filter' option in the App  

Wireframe Calendar.png
Calendar 1.png
Calendar 2.png

Design and Prototyping

Blueprint design

Bellow is presented a blueprint for the process of booking an appointment for the individual session with a specialist (child psychologist):

Blueprints - new client - psychologist.png
This page includes illustration downloaded from