City Portrait Canvas


The City Portrait Canvas is a workshop tool created in collaboration with Circle Economy, C40, DEAL, KR Foundation and Biomimicry 3.8. The City Portrait Canvas is a tool that represents the Doughnut Economy concept and convert it into a practical methodology.

The City Portrait Canvas is designed to be used to foster big-picture thinking on how a particular city strategy may impact the world – both socially and ecologically, locally and globally – and is designed for strategic policy development and analysis in workshop settings.


 - Visual representation of the methodology;

 - Support in creating a comprehensive and interconnected logic throughout all materials;

 - Film direction and Video editing.

Full City Portrait Canvas Guide:
20201027 City Portrait - guide - A32.jpg

All my graphical works at CE were supervised by Nicolas Raspail - Circle Economy Design Lead

Content lead and internship supervisor: Senior Cities Strategist at Circle Economy - Ilektra Kouloumpi