Have you ever thought what place is visited the most in your neighbourhood? No? Then I have an answer for you! It is your local SUPERMARKET.​
The research shows that we visit our local supermarket at least once in 2-3 days and what is even more important that it is filled by your neighbours.
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This map shows, that more than half of the residential neighbourhoods in Eindhoven have a local supermarket and what is even more interesting is that one supermarket  is usually 'responsible to serve' a specific neighbourhood.


Second part was focused on how supermarket can benefit neighbourhood. 

How this symbiosis can look like?..


To answer this question I dived into Oosterparkwijk neighbourhood in Groningen and made real connections and interviewed locals, government/non-profit organisations and, of course, a supermarket managers.

Bellow you can see illustrated conclusions of this process:

Asset 1.png


The only question has left is how residents will react on such a project. Will they participate? Will they cook? or What do they think about the idea in general?..

To answer this question was created an experimental event called 'What's your neighbour cooking' . Its aim was:

  1. To see how many people would apply to my event;

  2. Answer a question: Is a local supermarket can be a real tool to inform people about the events that are happening nearby?

 Event stands 

These event promotion stands were placed in Jumbo supermarket (Linnaeusplein 55, Groningen). People were asked to leave their contact details to get the event invitations.

 Event photos 

The event 'What's your neighbour cooking?'

took place at a social restaurant

Resto van Harte (Groningen).

9 people have applied just after 6 days of advertising.

4 people came to the event! 

An active reaction on a stand in JUMBO supermarket and the reaction of people during the event at Resto van Harte showed a big potential of the project.