Gym For You 

mobile app for scheduling fitness classes

Google UX Certificate

Mobile app mockups

Figma, Google Docs,  InDesign

1 month


Project Background

Gym Payment App Vision

This is a Mobile Payment App for a women fitness trainer devoted to simplify the process of managing bookings and payment processes for the clients.


1) Find a way to quickly and easily manage bookings.

2) Incorporate customised notification settings.

3) Take into account a wide range of users: from middle-age to seniors.

Project process

Project was done following design thinking process:


  • Competitive analisys

  • Interviews

  • Empathy map


  • Project scope

  • Persona

  • Journey map


  • Storyboard

  • Paper mockups

  • Paper wireframes

  • Information architecture



  • Wireframes

  • Usability tests

  • Prototypes (lo-fi and hi-fi)


Research presentation

Here you can find a more detailed project presentation.


Research highlights

Competitive audit

I searched quite a few apps in the app store and found 4 ones that seemed close to my case: and requirements: Trainin (NL), TrueCoach (international), Mobilis CrossFit (NL), Vcita (international).

These apps are allowing to schedule classes (gym owner), incorporate payment methods (gym owner) and make appointments (gym clients).

Here can be found table with the Competitive Analysis.


To better understand our potential users, I interviewed with 5 women from all walks of life (our gym is for female clients only), aging 20 to 65. The interview was semi-structured and all the questions were open-ended, just to make sure people could think out loud and share more details on their experience with other gym apps and their sport/fitness habits in general.

I also made clear to myself how my hypothetical gym will operate: its services and possible schedule. It allowed to create imaginary boarders (like type of classes, payment methods, discounts, contact methods, etc.) and make the app close to real situation.

A primary user group identified through the research analysis are working women in the age of 25-65, who count their time and want to reduce things they have to keep track of. Bellow are presented the primary and secondary user profiles that were created after analizing and compiling Empathy Maps.

Persona development

Based on the research insights, I developed a primary and secondary personas demonstrating our target users, especially their goals and pain points.


personas Gym.png


personas Gym2.png

Goal statement

Our GymForYou App will allow users to reserve for the workouts on time and don't miss the training,

which will affect women with a busy schedule

by creating an intuitive interaction with the App and by notifying our users about a new opening in the workout schedule and the limited amount of places to their favourite training.

Mapping User Journey

Mapping Kate’s journey revealed necessary App functionality and flows:

user journey Gym.png


After sketching out some p&p wireframes and thinking through the preliminary flow, I reviewed what was necessary, unnecessary, and what areas needed improvement.

I poured a lot of our time into this step to make sure we had the finishing touches on the underlying UX before moving onto the visuals.


Usability study insights and design interations

1. Eliminate trial account option

5 participants were asked to run through different scenarios in our prototype in hopes of garnering enough feedback to use for the next set of design iterations. I also consulted with the front-end developer to make sure the design and user flow will correspond security requirements and fast load of the App.


Bellow are listed most significant insights that were formulated after the usability test and the interview with a developer, and transformed into final design and functionality.


2. Incorporate booking/changing/cancelling into the calendar on the Home page 


3. The list of favourite trainings is moved from the Home page to Menu → Settings. This change allowed more clarity and cleanness of the Home page.

Calendar Schedule.png