Competition winning project 'Marathon finish line'

for Eindhoven city.  


Due to a significant contribution to the research, concept development and design, I was granted to include this project in my personal portfolio. This project was lead by Jelle Mastenbroek and was done during my internship at Jelle Mastenbroek studio.



As a core design concept were suggested to place personal motivation of marathon participants on large banners and decorate the city before and during the event. Personal motivations of the runners were collected during the registration process for the Marathon Eindhoven.

Before marathon - banners with personal motivations were spread all over the city.

During the marathon - the banners were hung right after the finish line creating a celebration passage for runners.

Photos for this page were collected from following Internet sources:

1. Marathon Eindhoven online-page (

2. Marathon Eindhoven official Instagram page (@marathoneindhoven)

3. Eindhoven Dagblad online-page (

4. Personal library.

Design process