The Market News API

An online service that provides access to real-time news via API. 
(planned release date - the middle of April)


Responsive mockups

Product management
UX/UI Design
SEO strategy

Figma, MIRO

5 months


Project Background

The Market News API Vision

Timely access to information is essential for making quick and effective decisions especially in the financial markets. This Service aim is to give access to such opportunities to a wide audience for a reasonable price all over the world.



1) News aggregation

2) Real-time and on demand news delivery.

2) AI analysis and news tagging.


Quality service for an affordable fee using edge-technology



Make design simple and accessible (keep in mind the Internet speed in the development regions).

Project process

Project was done following design thinking process:


  • Competitive analisys


  • Collection of requirements and formulation of the product concept

  • Persona

  • Journey map


  • Paper mockups

  • Paper wireframes



  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes (lo-fi and hi-fi)

  • Launch of a test version of the service


Business and Operational aspects

In order to finalise service vision, its competitive advantages and potential challenges, the team analized the concept and its competitive environment using following tools (MIRO, remote):

All close-up diagrams can be found here: Project MIRO Board.

Business Model Environment

The Business Model Environment canvas is organised into four areas: Market Forces, Key Trends, Industry Forces and Macro-Economic Trends. The analysis of these area gave us more clear and team shared understanding on the competitor environment and market in general:


Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas allowed the team to make the service proposition clear and name its customer values for the customer:


Business Model Canvas

The final part of the analysis was the creation of the Business Model Canvas that briefly described the main aspects of the service and its business environment:


Design research highlights

All close-up diagrams can be found here: Project MIRO Board.


'Persona' was determined by the efforts of the entire team using the brainstorm method

personas Gym.png

Problem statement

Emmanuel is an engineer, who needs access a big data of real-time news stream, because by searching and collecting its by yourself takes an enormous amount of time and energy.

User journey


Design and Prototype

Wireframes and Flows

All the user flows were discussed with the development team and visualized using wireframes.

Here bellow you can see an example of one process ('Subscribing for a paid plan'). If you wish to see more, please, follow this link to Figma.

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 19.29.00.png

Hi-Fi Prototypes

Bellow you can see the transition of the design from wireframes to hi-fi prototypes:

Landing Page WF.png
Landing page.png
Sign up.png
Sign up1.png
User profile.png

Design System

Design followed the Design System guide, created for this service:

Style Guide.png