Train Station Rituals








Railway stations are efficient machines designed to process large numbers of people. They satisfy our physical needs, but not our emotional ones.

By mapping people’s activities at Eindhoven railway station, I came up with four objects — united by the phrase ‘I want to…’ — that facilitate things we normally do at stations yet that lack a physical representation.

Video below presents these objects in a short story.


Research people's behaviour at a train station, its current facilities and services.

What a vision of a train station could be suggested to enrich a travel experience? 


(Nederlandse Spoorweg ( was interested to realise some parts of the projectbut due to COVID-19 these plans were cancelled.)

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Objects Description

I want to
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The object ‘I want to Surprise’ represents Greeting ritual. Its aim is to reveal those hidden little gestures we do for our loved ones that leave or come to us.

‘I want to Surprise’ is an online service and mobile application that allows people to send presents and messages to the people that are travelling by train.

At a trait station this ritual object is represented by a digital screen(s) displaying all presents and messages that people send to the travellers and are waiting to be picked up.

I want to

‘I want to Share’ is an exchange point. This object allows people exchange books, magazines, newspapers, board games and other things that can entertain travellers during their journey. A chosen item can be returned to the ‘sharing point’ at the final point of a journey.

This ritual is represented by a ‘bookshelves’.

I want to

‘I want to Prepare’ supposes to help people to check their belongings and travel documents. It also reminds people to call the ones they love to say some nice word before or after a journey.


This ritual is represented by a sticker that is placed in the areas where people are tend to forget their belongings.


While traveling we take off and put on our clothes and to make sure that our look is always perfect for all our future occasions an object ‘I want to Change’ can serve us at a platform.

This ritual is represented by a mirror that is placed in the areas where people are tend to stop for a moment.

I want to