TCI Workshop Design and Graphics


The Thriving Cities Initiative is a city led collaboration with C40, DEAL, Circle Economy, KR Foundation and Biomimicry 3.8. Portland together with Philadelphia and Amsterdam are participating in the two year pilot program which commenced in 2019.

The workshop materials below were designed for 2-days sessions with an average amount of 40-50 participants.


Design of the 'Offline workshops':

 - Support in workshop logic creation and Design Thinking Methods;

 - Design of workshop visual materials and follow-up documents.

Design of the 'Remote workshops' (this part is confidential and not presented here):

 - Support in converting offline-workshop logic into digital reality (MIRO board);

 - Design of workshop visual materials (including MIRO board) and follow-up documents;

 - Design and creation of the logic for 'Train the trainer' guide

Workshop program

Workshop flow.png

Workshop logic

Workshop canvases